Interactive Services Website Design


The Brief

Meadows Medical Solutions approached Polycreative to develop a brand and personna for their new network of medical treatment facilities. The competition is quite fierce in the Central Gulf region of Florida. We new we needed something that would resonate in the minds of potential patients. Out of our conversations with Dr. Bill Meadows and his incredible staff we developed a classic brand that would carry accross deliverables and a new home for MMS on the Web.


Meadows Medical Solutions

Our team worked very closely with the Meadows Medical marketing staff to create a brand that would help them stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Polycreative felt the best way to do that is to create an identity that felt like it had been around for a long time even though in fact it was completely new. Of course, the logo is the cornerstone of any brand so that's were we looked first. Dr. Meadows already had an idea of the kind of logo he wanted. So our designers took the task of creating a logo that felt like a modern update to an old small town pharmacy from the time of beebop and soda shops.

The result was a beautifully rendered series of logo designs which gave this new group of treatment centers a past. We then moved on to creating a website that takes over some of the more mundane tasks of providing driving directions through a Google Maps API integration. We also added a twitter API to allow the meadows staff to easily keep visitors updated with any changes or new programs. We were even tapped to create marketing deliverables to keep the Meadows Medical brand in front of as many refferers and patients as possible.

The Results

The final product mixed beautiful design with functional technologies to create a classic feel to a modern website. The client was very happy with the way we gave this new business a visual past that envoked the friendly small town pharmacy. Equally impressive was their reaction to integrating Google and twitter API's that helped make their online presence more than just a static info page on the Web.