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This is how we create leading interactive brands
and sustainable online business.

Social Media

Social media is all about community. At Polycreative we understand how social networks and user-generated content have become an integral part of every day life on the Web. To truly benefit from these communities requires a keen understanding of user behavior at an individual level as well as group dynamics and combine that insight with technical expertise with the various social media platforms available. We engage with these communities to better understand public perception of our clients services and products, and introduce them to new audiences at the same time.

Project Planning / Management

Global brands understand great marketing doesn't cost you money, it makes you money. But it requires more than award winning creative and technological expertise. It requires a project management team that is business focused and experienced in strategic planning and in the allocation of assets and resources. Polycreative approaches every project with the overall business objectives of the client. Awards mean nothing if our clients don't win on the bottom line.

Competitive Analysis

The most important part of marketing, online or off, is understanding how to correctly position your product or service. Polycreative puts a lot of time towards understanding you, your products or services, your marketplace and competitive landscape. We research your competition, investigating their strengths and weaknesses, how they interact with their audience, and what kind of technologies and strategies they are currently employing. This data helps us to create a strategic plan of marketing objectives to correctly position you against your competition and meet your specific business goals.

User Experience

There is a lot of buzz going around lately about user experience (UX) and for good reason; the better you understand your audience the better you will be at creating an online environment that resonates with your audience. To do this Polycreative investigates core questions like who is your audience? What are they really looking for? What can we do to encourage them to act? These are key questions to ask when trying to create a high-traffic site that still feels personal to the end user.

Website Analytics

Marketing is more than creating pretty designs that win industry awards; great marketing makes money. We begin by creating KPI's or key performance indicators. Sorting and analyzing data after a campaign can be challenging and cost prohibitive compared to creating KPI's that track conversion goals and performance before launching a new campaign. We create highly targeted marketing and promotional campaigns and continually test and measure results to optimize ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Every site we build is optimized to perform within search engines, but SEO goes far beyond simple keyword targeting. Search engines are continually finding better ways to find relevant content to serve up to their users. Polycreative uses it's understanding of search engine technology to increase your visibility on the Web. SEO is more of misnomer nowadays since it is more than search engines that are out their looking for content. Facebook has more than 500 million active users, twitter has more than 100 million users, and they all have search capabilities. We create strategies that not only help you compete and win in these searches, but also defend you from competitors looking to take your place.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This may be a new term for some, but conversion rate optimization is the practice of turning passive visitors into active customers. Low conversion rates can be the result of poorly targeted marketing, or it could be your site is confusing or doesn't resonate with your audience. That is why Polycreative is a firm believer in testing everything we do, even after the initial launch. The hardest thing is knowing what to test. We have seen massive increases in conversion rates from some of the tiniest adjustments. In todays online marketplace, the smart money is on turning your existing audience into better customers.